Can I have my mail held for collection from my local Delivery Office?

Do you want your mail held at a Delivery Office? Do you want only the people you authorise to collect it? Our free Mail Collect service will hold your mail securely at your local Delivery Office so you can collect it from 8:30am until closing, Monday to Saturday. This is a free service, available to personal & business customers.

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How to Apply?
You can apply for Mail Collect services in just three easy steps:

1. Download, print, read and complete the application form:

Mail Collect Application Form (PDF) Opens in new window – includes proof of identity requirements and terms & conditions

2. Submit original documents as identification.
These will be returned after your application is completed. No copies are allowed. Bills and statements must be dated within the last three months.

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Personal customers will need to include one from the following:
Two different utility bills (Not a mobile phone or a store/charge card statement)
Bank/Building Society statement
Credit card statement
Business customers will need to include one from the following:
A company bank / building Society / credit card statement
Two different utility bills (Not a mobile phone or a store/charge card statement)
A business rate demand
Two different invoices
Sole traders will need to include one from the following:
Personal or business account
Bank statement
Building society statement
Credit card statement

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3. Send your application with your proof of identification to:

Royal Mail, Mail Collect Team, PO Box 740, BARNSLEY, S73 0UF.

Getting started
After you’ve completed the form and submitted your identification, the Mail Collect team will issue you with an official Mail Collect ID card. You’ll need this ID each time you go to your local delivery office to collect your mail.


First collection
When you or anyone you’ve nominated on your application goes to your local delivery office for the first time, he or she must bring:

the confirmation letter
the Mail Collect ID card
other acceptable forms of identification
Continuing collection
For your next mail collections, you’ll only need to present your Mail Collect ID card. Always bring the card with you.

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Items that require a signature
If you receive an item that requires a signature, we’ll keep it and leave an advice card with your mail. We’ll ask for a signature when you come to collect your mail. We may deliver your mail if it remains uncollected after six days.
1. Can I have Mail Collect if I am no longer at the same address?
To avoid fraud when you move, you must arrange for your mail to be redirected using our Redirections service.

Learn more about business Redirections Opens in new window
Learn more about personal Redirections Opens in new window

We conduct audits to check that mail collect users still live at the address on their application. We may also write to you and will deliver this letter to your actual address. If we find that you don’t use this address, we’ll stop the Mail Collect service immediately and resume delivery of mail to that address.

2. Are there any restrictions or special conditions?
If we suspect fraudulent activity, then we’ll withhold the service until it’s investigated and resolved. We reserve the right to cancel the use of the mail collect service or refuse an application at any time.

3. What happens if I don’t collect my mail regularly?
We expect you to collect your mail regularly. We will:

deliver, at the office’s discretion, mail not collected after six days
terminate the Mail Collect service if you don’t collect mail within 28 days or less
4. Can the Delivery Office hold any type of mail under the Mail Collect arrangement?
There are some exceptions. We cannot hold:

mail that is not been delivered by Royal Mail e.g. Parcelforce express items
mail for people who do not occupy the personal or business address on the Mail Collect arrangement
mail addressed to people not included in the Mail Collect arrangement (eg a letter addressed to Mr & Mrs Smith, should not be held if only Mr Smith has applied for the Mail Collect service)
5. Can I have part of my mail held for collection?
No. You can’t specify which items are held in the office and which are not. Either all your items are held for you to collect or they are all delivered.

6. Where is my local Delivery Office?
You can get details of your local Delivery or Enquiry Office using our online Delivery Office Finder Opens in new window , alternatively you can phone our dedicated Delivery Office information line on 0845 6050767*. This is an automated service which will give you the address and opening hours of your nearest Delivery Office or Enquiry Office.

7. How long will it take to set up?
You’ll need to allow at least five working days for your Mail Collect service to be arranged

Is the Post Office Allowing ID Theft to Happen?

First, it was an email from a credit card company confirming an application that Renee Rosado had not submitted.

“They say, ‘Oh you applied for a credit card,’” Rosado said.

Then a suspiciously empty mailbox.

“Well, I hadn’t gotten mail for a while,” Rosado said.

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Rosado suspected the two were connected and someone was tampering with her identity.

“This is not a small thing, it’s a big thing,” Rosado said. “It’s fraud.”

But how? A call to the local post office connected the dots. The trail pointed to her mail.

“And they said, ‘You put a hold on it,’” Rosado said. “And I said, ‘No I did not.’”

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The post office produced a mail hold request. Someone – not Rosado – submitted the form on the postal service website. That person’s intent was then clear to Rosado. The thief applied for a credit card using her name, held her mail until the card would arrive, then planned to planned to pick up the mail at the post office, where the soon-to-be stolen credit card would be waiting.

Luckily, Rosado intercepted the scam before it played out.

“They’re allowing fraud to happen,” Rosado said.

But she was shocked by the post office’s lack of security.

“The post office would give a total stranger my mail,” Rosado said.

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We were also surprised by how easy it is. And how easily a criminal could target you. Anyone can log onto the USPS website, hold your mail, and then go pick it up. You don’t grant permission. You don’t get notice. You don’t have a clue until you’re a victim.

Jeff Fitch is a postal inspector – a federal agent who investigates postal crime.

“What happened here is a federal crime,” Fitch said.

He says Rosado’s case isn’t isolated – people across the country are duped by the same scam. Fitch says he’s warned the Postmaster General that the mail hold feature needs tighter security.

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“We work with the main post office, accessing security and looking at what can be upgraded, or what’s going on, what can be tightened up,” Fitch said.

So what’s the Postmaster General done to prevent this particular fraud? Nothing yet. In a statement, the postal service acknowledged “instances of fraud taking place” using mail hold, and said it “regrets the inconvenience.” It went on to say the postal service is working on “viable solutions” to “prevent and reduce fraud via online mail hold.”

Rosado says that response isn’t good enough – increased security is needed now. One possible solution is simple.

“They verify that the person who put the mail on hold had the owner’s approval to do it,” Rosado said.

When you move and submit an address change through the postal service website, there are security measures in place to confirm it’s really you requesting the address change. That tells us that tightening security is possible, it’s just not a step the postal service has taken with mail hold.

Fitch pointed out the importance of keeping an eye on your mail. If your mailbox is empty for a couple of days, call the post office. He also wants you to report any mail fraud. The number is 877-876-2455.

Happy Holidays From USPS

We’ll be conveying 16 billion cards, letters, and bundles this Christmas season and here at The Postal Service®, we are all around arranged to deal with the surge in volume. We’ve expanded system limit by growing air and surface transportation, including bundle sortation gear, procuring occasional laborers, and upgrading perceivability over the undertaking. This is our main thing! We are remarkably situated, and our committed representatives are pleased to convey the occasions. All through the whole year truth be told, the Postal Administration keeps on developing our bundle conveyance business. No other shipper conveys the same number of online business bundles to the home. We’re conveying dependable administration, giving upgraded perceivability, and offering aggressive pricing.On benefit of everybody here at The Postal Administration, Merry Christmas!

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What Is USPS Delivery Confirmation?

Also known as “tracking”, delivery confirmation helps you track and confirm your packages by letting you know the date and time your shipment has been delivered or that a delivery attempt was made.

Delivery confirmation is good for many situations, such as when you are shipping high value goods, when you want to know when your packages are delivery, or when you want your customers to know when they should expect their shipments.

Delivery confirmation is required when insuring a package, either through USPS or Shipsurance.

NOTE: delivery confirmation is not the same as insurance.

Tracking is also helpful when reporting a lost shipment. If a First-Class Mail or Priority Mail shipment has not arrived within five (5) Postal business days from its date of mailing, you can report the loss via phone or web:

Call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) where a customer service representative will document your mail loss complaint.
Visit the Postal Inspection Service Web site and complete a mail loss report.
NOTE: delayed Priority Mail Express shipments should be reported as soon as the service commitment has been missed. Learn more.

Access tracking information online or by phone:

Use the Track & Confirm tool on
Contact the USPS direct at 1-800-222-1811.
View real-time tracking status from your ShippingEasy SHIPMENT HISTORY.
Delivery confirmation is included in some services:

Included for free with these domestic services:
Priority Mail
Priority Mail Express
Parcel Select
Media Mail
First Class (excluding the Large Envelope/Flat)
Most Military Mail (APO/FPO destinations)
Available on some international shipments. Further restrictions apply. Learn more about which countries offer tracking to the destination.
Not available on First Class Large Envelope/Flat
General restrictions apply:

Package must be greater than ¾ inch thick. Thinner contents must be placed and sent in a rigid box or container that won’t lose its shape or collapse into a flat or letter-sized piece during handling and delivery.

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How Long Does A Priority And First Class Mail Take?

Whether it’s to ship goods, send invoices or advertise their services, many businesses make frequent visits to the post office. The United States Postal Service offers two important products for business owners: First-Class Mail and Priority Mail. These services help businesses get everything from appointment reminder postcards, to customer-ordered goods out the door and on their way to the customer. While both services offer an efficient way to ship packages, Priority Mail and First-Class Mail have different time frames.

Mailing Classifications
With basic First-Class Mail, you can send postcards, letters, small envelopes and other thin documents such as invoices. You can also send thick mailers and packages weighing up to 13 ounces through First-Class Mail. Business customers who frequently send packages can use First-Class Mail Commercial Plus, which allows packages that weigh up to 1 pound. However, you must commit to sending a minimum number of packages each year to use the Commercial Plus service. Business owners who do not want to commit to the minimum requirements can send packages through Priority Mail.

The United States Postal Services reports that as of January 2011, it takes an average of one to three days for First-Class Mail to arrive at its destination. Priority Mail takes an average of one to two days to arrive, according to the USPS. USPS only includes the time a package stays in transit in their estimations. Packages dropped off at a post office during business hours usually leave that day. Packages dropped off after hours may take an additional day. Distance also plays a factor. Packages sent to inter-state locations may arrive sooner than packages sent across the country.

Some packages may take longer to arrive due to mailing delays. As of 2011, USPS does not operate on Sundays. USPS also recognizes federal holidays. The post office will hold packages in transit on a holiday. Occasionally, USPS experiences a backlog, especially around peak times such as Christmas. The backlog may cause packages to arrive after the estimated time. Weather delays may also play a factor. While USPS delivers in bad weather, severe weather and national disasters can prevent mail from reaching affected areas.

Customers can purchase Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail packages. With Delivery Confirmation, customers can track the status of a package through the USPS website. The tracking feature shows where a package stands in transit and notifies customers when USPS has completed delivery. As of 2011, Delivery Confirmation is not available for First-Class mail.

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