Can I have my mail held for collection from my local Delivery Office?

Do you want your mail held at a Delivery Office? Do you want only the people you authorise to collect it? Our free Mail Collect service will hold your mail securely at your local Delivery Office so you can collect it from 8:30am until closing, Monday to Saturday. This is a free service, available to personal & business customers.

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How to Apply?
You can apply for Mail Collect services in just three easy steps:

1. Download, print, read and complete the application form:

Mail Collect Application Form (PDF) Opens in new window – includes proof of identity requirements and terms & conditions

2. Submit original documents as identification.
These will be returned after your application is completed. No copies are allowed. Bills and statements must be dated within the last three months.

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Personal customers will need to include one from the following:
Two different utility bills (Not a mobile phone or a store/charge card statement)
Bank/Building Society statement
Credit card statement
Business customers will need to include one from the following:
A company bank / building Society / credit card statement
Two different utility bills (Not a mobile phone or a store/charge card statement)
A business rate demand
Two different invoices
Sole traders will need to include one from the following:
Personal or business account
Bank statement
Building society statement
Credit card statement

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3. Send your application with your proof of identification to:

Royal Mail, Mail Collect Team, PO Box 740, BARNSLEY, S73 0UF.

Getting started
After you’ve completed the form and submitted your identification, the Mail Collect team will issue you with an official Mail Collect ID card. You’ll need this ID each time you go to your local delivery office to collect your mail.


First collection
When you or anyone you’ve nominated on your application goes to your local delivery office for the first time, he or she must bring:

the confirmation letter
the Mail Collect ID card
other acceptable forms of identification
Continuing collection
For your next mail collections, you’ll only need to present your Mail Collect ID card. Always bring the card with you.

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Items that require a signature
If you receive an item that requires a signature, we’ll keep it and leave an advice card with your mail. We’ll ask for a signature when you come to collect your mail. We may deliver your mail if it remains uncollected after six days.
1. Can I have Mail Collect if I am no longer at the same address?
To avoid fraud when you move, you must arrange for your mail to be redirected using our Redirections service.

Learn more about business Redirections Opens in new window
Learn more about personal Redirections Opens in new window

We conduct audits to check that mail collect users still live at the address on their application. We may also write to you and will deliver this letter to your actual address. If we find that you don’t use this address, we’ll stop the Mail Collect service immediately and resume delivery of mail to that address.

2. Are there any restrictions or special conditions?
If we suspect fraudulent activity, then we’ll withhold the service until it’s investigated and resolved. We reserve the right to cancel the use of the mail collect service or refuse an application at any time.

3. What happens if I don’t collect my mail regularly?
We expect you to collect your mail regularly. We will:

deliver, at the office’s discretion, mail not collected after six days
terminate the Mail Collect service if you don’t collect mail within 28 days or less
4. Can the Delivery Office hold any type of mail under the Mail Collect arrangement?
There are some exceptions. We cannot hold:

mail that is not been delivered by Royal Mail e.g. Parcelforce express items
mail for people who do not occupy the personal or business address on the Mail Collect arrangement
mail addressed to people not included in the Mail Collect arrangement (eg a letter addressed to Mr & Mrs Smith, should not be held if only Mr Smith has applied for the Mail Collect service)
5. Can I have part of my mail held for collection?
No. You can’t specify which items are held in the office and which are not. Either all your items are held for you to collect or they are all delivered.

6. Where is my local Delivery Office?
You can get details of your local Delivery or Enquiry Office using our online Delivery Office Finder Opens in new window , alternatively you can phone our dedicated Delivery Office information line on 0845 6050767*. This is an automated service which will give you the address and opening hours of your nearest Delivery Office or Enquiry Office.

7. How long will it take to set up?
You’ll need to allow at least five working days for your Mail Collect service to be arranged

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